What is FutureSport?

Official FutureSport whitepaper v1.0 (27/12/2023)
The year is 2277, a dazzling era where humanity, having transcended the confines of our world, now stands as a recognized member of the InterGalactic Advanced Species Council (IASC). Having delved into the cosmos, we unearthed an unprecedented realm of knowledge and technology, propelling our evolution to unimaginable heights.
Drawing inspiration from advanced civilizations, we've adopted the art of hosting virtual sporting competitions across galaxies. Now, individuals, or Overseers, can command their unique sports teams, composed of extraordinary Avatar Cards or Player Cards, engaging in cosmic competitions that transcend the boundaries of space and time.
Our Earthly sports have become a cultural exchange, dazzling members of the IASC with exhilarating competitions based on the feats of our real earth sports stars. These competitions serve not only as a spectacle but as a novel means of conflict resolution, shifting battlegrounds from warzones to the captivating arenas of sports.
Embrace the role of an Overseer - Create virtual dream teams and partake in an array of thrilling competitions, all fueled by the live actions of Earth's sports icons.
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