Item Types


There are two types of playable cards: Avatar Cards and Player Cards.


Materials are used in crafting to produce new items.


Slabs are decorative borders that can be added around cards. They provide a customization option, and are collectible. Some will be common, others rare. All slabs are crafted by players using materials. Players can either acquire slabs by crafting themselves or purchasing on the secondary marketplace.

Slabs provide no direct mechanical benefit or power increase. However, slabs can have 0 to 3 upgrade slots unlocking the ability to add equipment items to a card.

Equipment items are items that can be equipped in upgrade slots that have been added to a slab. Equipment items add a layer of customization but most importantly are the primary way to increase a card's power.


Consumable items provide some function in the platform. Once the item is used, it the NFT is burnt. Examples of consumables are game entry tickets, upgrade slots, speed ups, Overseer XP, Card XP, Agent XP etc.


Certain major functions in the platform are only available and are enhanced when an agent contract is redeemed. Agents have their own leveling system and effectiveness. For example: a legendary Forging Assistant Agent would unlock crafting, but also have a higher crafting level cap allowing him to craft the rarest of slabs. Additional benefits from a high-level manager are increased crafting speed and higher success chances.


Stadiums are a novel way to unlock access for an Overseer to host their own custom games and potentially profit from doing so. They are some of the rarest and most valuable NFTs on the platform. Each stadium is a 1/1 with it's own unique design, artwork, and features.

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