Competitions Overview

This is a prototype of our game UI and is subject to change.

Live or Simulated

There will be two types of play modes - Live and Simulated. Live are only playable during the real-world sports season. Simulated can be played year-round.
  • Live - live games will use real-world sports stars and their actions to drive scoring of competitions
  • Simulated - simulated games will utilize, randomized, historic game data to drive scoring of competitions

Sports Agnostic

Everything in the FutureSport ecosystem is designed with the possibility to plug in any sport with regards to playable competitions.


Participating in FutureSport games is free. There may be a possibility of higher level competitions requiring some form of entry ticket or entry item when high-end prizes are on the line.

Casual Design

Building teams and competing should not require expert-level knowledge of a particular sport. Team entry is simplified to facilitate anyone looking to compete.
We follow the design philosophy of "Easy to start. Difficult to master".
Layers of complexity will be added as Overseers progress in their development.

Playable Cards

Players have two ways to build teams using all or a mix of:
  • Avatar Cards - cards with fantasy players that can be trained, over time, to mimic real-world player actions 99% of the time
  • Digital Player Cards & Collectibles - licensed 3rd party cards from your favorite brands with player names and likeness that accurately follow real-world player actions 100% of the time
  • Physical Player Cards - licensed 3rd party physical cards stored in a physical vault (consignment center) with authenticity and ownership verification. Physical cards accurately follow real-world player actions 100% of the time

Game Tiers

To avoid high-level players with powerful, rare and fully upgraded cards from steamrolling newbies games will be tiered based on total team power. Lower tier games will have lower team power ranges but also less-valuable loot. Higher tiered games will have higher team power ranges but also higher value loot.