Your Vault

Overseer vaults are a secure digital storage that includes a mix of inventory items and cards. Some items are digitally stored in the blockchain in your account's wallet. Others are just virtual representations of items you own that are stored and managed elsewhere.
All items are either stored within Your Vault (Wallet) via the Blockchain, or represented virtually as items verified to be owned by you.


  • Avatar Cards
  • Equipment
  • Cosmetic Upgrades & Materials
  • Consumables
  • Packs

Virtual Vault

Ownership of cards or collectibles beyond FutureSport necessitates a verification process. Upon confirmation of ownership, your cards seamlessly become a part of FutureSport, accessible for use. It's important to note that transactions of Virtual Vault items, including trading and purchases, remain external to FutureSport and occur on the dedicated platform associated with your collection's brand.