InterGalactic Market


To gain access to the InterGalactic Market an Overseer must reach level 2 and have account status: Verified. Access to the market can be revoked at any time by the IASC.


Overseers can sell any item with "tradeable" flag in the InterGalactic Market. Examples of items include: Equipment, Crafting Materials, Slabs, Packs and Consumables.


Overseers can buy any item with "tradeable" flag that has been listed by another overseer in the InterGalactic Market.


Overseers can set fixed duration auctions with starting price and end date.


IASC Tax Rate

The IASC levies trade taxes on all final IGM sales. These taxes are subject to change and are deducted from the seller's net sale price.
PlayerIncome=NetSalePrice(NetSalePriceTaxRate)PlayerIncome = Net Sale Price - (Net SalePrice * TaxRate)

Minimum Tax Fees

The IASC will levy a minimum tax amount for smaller trades that may not follow the above tax rate. For example if an item is sold for the USD equivalent of $0.10 the IASC may levy a $0.05 minimum tax fee on said trade. Minimum Tax Fees will be clearly communicated and are subject to change.



All tradeable item transactions will be recorded on the blockchain.

Payment Options

  • Fiat - a variety of fiat payment options will be provided ie. Credit Card payments
  • Crypto - a variety of cryptocurrency options will be provided